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We are a team of experienced doctors providing a reliable medical service for international guests in Karon, Kata, Kamala, Surin, Patong and other nearby areas in Phuket at any time – day or night. Any traveler or foreign citizen falling sick around Karon City areas will find a competent healthcare Provider. We have served Phuket hotels since 2013 and are cooperating with international insurance companies, embassies, tourist police and Hospitals.



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Book Online for Special price. PCR for your family at your place just stay sitback and relax we will be meeting you at your hotel, home or anywhere just call or submit the form below toget your special price.
Free! Fit to fly medical Certificate (300 Baht)


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We provide 24h immediate house call service of premium quality. Our physicians are fluent in English and ready at all times to make a visit to your home place. On average the doctor on duty will arrive within 30 minutes after call. We will spend all time necessary to provide professional examination, diagnosis and treatment in the comfort of your home.